Indulge in sophisticated French cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients, savoring the tastes of Okinawa's food possibilities

Mauvaise herbe

Mauvaise herbe,' (mo.vɛz ɛʁb) located in central Okinawa, is a unique restaurant founded by Chef Keiji Ojima. Renowned for his French catering service 'Namae no Nai Ryoriten' (The Nameless Restaurant), Chef Ojima has fans both in Japan and overseas. This exclusive restaurant operates on a reservation-only basis with just five counter-seats. It serves an omakase (chef's choice) menu. Chef Ojima's passion for local ingredients shines through in his dishes. He almost exclusively uses Okinawan produce, creatively exploring the region's culinary potential. He takes guests on a journey through each dish, explaining the choice of ingredients, cooking techniques, and plating, offering meals crafted with great care and effort. The menu often includes unusual meats like Ryukyu wild boar, considered a local pest, indigenous wild birds of Okinawa, and beef from specially reared cattle, reflecting his respect for Okinawa's natural environment and wildlife.

His commitment to quality is evident in his hands-on approach, such as directly selecting fresh produce and seafood from fishing trips and studying traditional fermentation methods. Dining at Mauvaise herbe is more than just a meal; it's an experience that honors the natural beauty and resources of Okinawa to the highest culinary standards, offering guests a chance to rediscover the region's culinary artistry and regional treasures.


Uruma-shi, Okinawa

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