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Come and share in the ancient tradition of ji-zake (local sake) brewing in the Noto Peninsula

In the northern part of Ishikawa Prefecture, the Noto Peninsula is renowned for the quality of both its spring water and its rice—essential ingredients for ji-zake, the purest expression of local sake production. Sogen Sake Brewery has been in operation since the 18th century, helping to define the Noto-Toji style of sake brewing.
The quality of Sogen’s ginjo-shu (the highest quality grade of sake) is renowned across the country. The brewery offers tours that show the care that goes into each step of production, from rice preparation, to koji cultivation, to cellaring the sake in an old railway tunnel that maintains a steady cool temperature, much like a wine cellar. Sogen sake crisply matches the slight saltiness of soy-sauce-dipped raw fish, reflecting its terroir. Tours are available outside of sake brewing season, from early winter to early spring.
24-22 Sogen, Horyu-machi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa

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