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Okinawa Beaches

The clear blue waters and white sands of Okinawa make for endless summer

Okinawa stretches off to the south and west of Kyushu, a thin archipelago that reaches across the East China Sea almost to Taiwan. The islands have long shared a culture that has incorporated its contact with Taiwan, China, the Philippines, and other Pacific nations. Its warm, tropical climate provides clement summer weather from April to November. This, paired with its incredible coasts make Okinawa the unrivaled home of Japan’s beach culture.
From remote Ishigaki, where you can see the lights of Taiwan at night, to dreamy Zazami, where the beaches are white and the water is the deepest shade of turquoise. Snorkeling is rewarding in these clean and clear waters. The reefs are healthy and teem with fish, squid, and octopus. You can also find turtles at the Yaeyama Islands and hammerhead sharks at Yonaguni. Okinawa provides a string of uncrowded islands to hop, each with their own beautiful swimming spots. On shore, enjoy the relaxed attitude and delicious cuisine, and on your way back to the mainland, pick up some of the traditional crafts and textiles available.

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