Taste Japan’s four seasons through Toyama’s delicious bounties

Oryouri Fujii

Located by the Sea and surrounded by steep mountains, Toyama is blessed with abundant seafood and mountain delicacies. And as a Toyama native, Chef Hironori Fujii takes full advantage of the region’s bounties for his restaurant Oryouri Fujii, using farm-direct ingredients procured almost exclusively from Toyama.

Reflecting Japan’s changing seasons in his cooking, Chef Fujii blends modern techniques with the respected traditions of Japanese cooking.

He places particular emphasis on his dashi soup stock, which is made with high-grade aromatic Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido, bonito flakes from high-quality dried fermented tuna — shaved daily for the best flavor — and well water from the brewery of Manjusen, a respected sake brand of the region.

The stock forms the backbone of all his cooking, and is served as a soup dish enhanced by a variety of fresh seasonal ingredients from Toyama.

Toyama is also famous for its sake and liquor, thanks to the fine quality of the region’s water. Unlock the full flavors of your meal by pairing it with Toyama sake — Oryouri Fujii offers at least 20 varieties, with each one selected from a different Toyama brewery.


93 Higashiiwase-cho, Toyama-shi, Toyama

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