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Sado Island

Discover beautiful, remote islands with a remarkable cultural depth

Sado Island's remote location once made it a place of exile in Japan. Today, this seclusion makes it a favorite with those looking for beautiful wild spaces and unspoiled nature. Sado boasts the widest variety of plant life in Japan, as well as a colony of Japanese Ibis, making it a favorite with naturalists. This island is a place that celebrates its roots, its breathtaking scenery, and the sea.
Sado Island has a rich culture. Every August, the island hosts the Earth Festival, a three-day celebration of dance and music. One of the great traditions on Sado Island is Noh theater, an art form perfected here when the playwright Zeami was exiled to Sado in 1434. Several museums explore the island's history and folklife, and the local cuisine features foraged delicacies from forest and sea. Don't miss out on the sake, made from high-quality rice grown on the island, for which Sado has become famous. Sado is also known for its hot springs and beautiful coastline. Two mountain chains run across the island, which provide the backdrop to its luxury onsens and divine dining spots.
Sado-shi, Niigata

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