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Sake Cup Carving

View exquisite carvings and learn from masters of superb craftsmanship

The intricate woodwork of expert craftsmanship can be seen throughout Japan—from wall panels at shrines and temples to room dividers and sliding doors at traditional inns. Some of these techniques are said to originate as far back as the Asuka period (552-645).
The town of Nanto (formerly known as Inami) in Toyama Prefecture is a hub for skilled wood carvers, carpenters and sculptors. Inami woodcarving dates back to the mid-18th century. Inami woodwork is characterized by highly detailed, three-dimensional sculpting. Sukashi-fukabori, one of the techniques used for Inami woodwork, sees artisans use over 200 different chisels and knives to carve both sides of a piece. Visitors to the area can partake in their own woodcarving experience, creating a one-of-a-kind guinomi sake goblet. Observe some of Inami's masters at work before using their chisels to create a sake cup made from camphor, paulownia, or zelkova timbers. Once the tutorial ends, head to the nearby Wakakoma Sake Brewery and enjoy the free sake, served in your new “guinomi” cup.
206-22 Koreyasu, Nanto-shi, Toyama

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