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Discover Japan's warrior spirit in the samurai heartland of Kagoshima

Samurai of Culture

Samurai of Culture is a multi-day course including accommodation and dining that offers an exclusive hands-on experience of both the martial and cultural aspects of the samurai. The feudal domain of Satsuma (now Kagoshima) was home to fiercely loyal samurai who toppled the Tokugawa Shogunate and started the modernisation of Japan in the late 19th century. The samurai of Satsuma were not only fearsome warriors, but also cultured people with a love of art, music, and spiritual practice. The legacy and traditions of Japan’s last samurai live on today, hidden amongst the modern buildings of Kagoshima City.

Consider fueki ryuko (constancy and change) at the Chin Jukan Kiln. Meet master Satsuma-ware ceramicist Chin Jukan XV, and see how his family’s art developed from samurai teaware to luxury export to Europe over the course of 400 years.

Observe and meet with practitioners of Jigen-ryu, a style of swordsmanship passed down in the Togo family for 13 generations at their dojo in Kagoshima City. During the Edo period (1603-1867), the secretive school was feared across Japan for its lethal first strike, but Jigen-ryu hides a deeper philosophy of self control, discipline, and razor sharp focus.

Experience the practice of the samurai first hand, and challenge yourself under the instruction of master teachers. Take the fast track to concentration through esoteric meditation used by the samurai as part of their swordsmanship practice.

Explore the stately home and gardens of Sengan-en and connect with the 800 year legacy of the Shimadzu clan, considering how your own legacy will be looked on by future generations. Connect with the past with a private performance Satsuma Biwa - an instrument favoured by the samurai of Kagoshima to reflect on their own lives through songs of bravery, loss, and heroic deeds.


Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima

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