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Explore Kanazawa’s traditional tea culture and innovative crafts with a distinguished tea master

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Experience and learn about the Japanese tea ceremony, or sado(the Way of Tea), from tea master Sokyu Nara of the Urasenke tea school. Enjoy a private tea ceremony at Koko-an, a beautifully simple tea room built in the 17th century. The tea master's deft movements express harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Focus on being present in the moment, with nothing but the sounds of the garden and the whisking of tea. Participants will be guided through the formal tea ceremony, learning about the history and meaning of the practice as well as steps throughout the ceremony such as greetings, tea vessel-selection, and tea etiquette.

When the powerful Maeda clan governed the Kaga region (part of modern-day Ishikawa Prefecture) from the 16th to 19th centuries, refined Japanese culture flourished under their patronage. It can be said that the Samurai class was especially conducive to the continuation of sado in this region. The sado is still carried on in Kanazawa as an exquisite, singular moment in time shared by its participants. A traditional tea ceremony is often preceded by a simple, healthy meal, known as cha-kaiseki, which typically consists of a soup and three small dishes made with seasonal ingredients. The seasoning is subtle in order to emphasize the flavors of the individual ingredients and prepare the palate for the tea. Enjoy cha-kaiseki cuisine supervised by tea master Sokyu Nara at renowned ryotei restaurant Kinjoro. The restaurant stands on the grounds of a former residence of the Maeda family, and was established in 1890 with much of the original garden preserved.

Kanazawa had a thriving cultural and performing arts scene, and the spirit of the arts is still deeply rooted in the culture. Art and contemporary art experiences can be enjoyed at locations and venues throughout the city. One such destination is the Hyatt Centric, where visitors can enjoy guided tours of the hotel’s art collection.


Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

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