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A special new express train blending Japan's age-old traditions with modern innovation.

The New Express Train 'Spacia X'

The new express train "Spacia X," connecting Tokyo's famous Asakusa district with Nikko and Kinugawa in Tochigi Prefecture, transforms your journey into something extraordinary.

A stunning fusion of tradition and innovation, it features a design inspired by Edo-period traditional crafts like latticework and bamboo weaving. Its color evokes the hues of the Yomeimon Gate at Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Various types of seats are available, including standard seats, private compartments, sofas, and lounges. The highlight is the "Cockpit Suite," a premium seat designed to resemble a private jet, offering a luxurious space akin to a "moving suite room" at the front of the open-view carriage, available for up to seven passengers. Another highlight is the onboard café. In collaboration with local businesses, it offers a wide range of original products, including craft beers and sake from Tochigi and snacks and sweets made from local ingredients, all to be enjoyed with the beautiful scenery cascading through the windows. Notably, the new train model significantly reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40% and operates entirely on renewable energy, making it a noteworthy step towards carbon-neutral transportation.

If you plan to visit the Nikko and Kinugawa area, why not use "Spacia X" to transform your travel time into a unique and memorable experience? You can also enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa on your outbound and return trips.

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