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Experience the refined art of Noh theater in Tokyo's celebrated Ginza district

Traditonal Noh performance in central Tokyo

In the Ginza shopping district full of upmarket fashion boutiques now alongside high-end restaurants and sushi establishments, visitors can watch performances of Noh -- a classical Japanese musical dance-drama and the oldest surviving theater art form that has spanned for nearly 7 centuries. The Kanze Noh Theater, with its exclusive platform in the basement of the GINZA SIX complex housing dozens of high-end boutiques, is one of such places where Noh is still regularly performed today. The dedicated stage continues a 26-generation family legacy which started when Noh began developing into its current form as cultural education for the warrior class in the Muromachi era (AD1336–1574). The minimalism of the stage design comes from the Zen culture which flourished during that period as well.

The audience need not understand the words of dialog and songs to appreciate a Noh performance, as one can enjoy the art form through the stimulating aura echoed out by the performers. The Noh masks worn by the actors heighten the senses and their highly polished techniques convey layered emotions as they communicate through subtle movements, precise steps, and spcific tones. Stories are drawn from ancient literature, history, and the seasons, capturing the essence of Japanese culture.

Tickets purchase is available online for the performances which often feature a combination of Noh and lighter, more comic Kyogen. Private performances and workshops can also be arranged, to better understand the art behind the performance.Private performances and workshops can also be arranged, to better understand the art behind the performance of the tradition dating back to the 14th century.


GINZA SIX B3F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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