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A spiritual retreat that combines elements of Zen Buddhism and Yamabushi training

Yamabushi Reset Training

The Three Mountains of Dewa—Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Yudono—represent the past, the present, and the possibility of the future. Located in Yamagata Prefecture, this site has been a center for mountain worship (Shugendo) for more than 1400 years. Yamabushi training combines walking, hiking, simple meals, and contemplation, making all activity on the mountains a meditative act.

This fully customizable program provides an insight into the spiritual heritage of the Dewa mountains and offers participants the chance to experience elements of Zen Buddhism and Shugendo training. It is offered on Mt. Haguro and led by Shugendo's certified priests. A typical program runs for three days and features purification rituals at a Zen temple, a stay in an authentic Shukubo pilgrim’s lodge, night walks, Shinto-style meditation, and a guided hike up Mt. Haguro.

Dining at forest temples, sleeping in traditional pilgrim lodges at night, and engaging in self-reflection through meditative experiences bring you close to the power of the mountains, stripping away the modern world. This is a spectacular opportunity to experience both ancient Japan and encounter the edifying power of nature.

*Please note Mt. Haguro's five-storied pagoda is scheduled for restoration work from spring 2023 to spring 2025 and will be obstructed from view.


Haguro-machi, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata

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