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Discover true inner peace and learn about Zen culture at the historic Temple in Fukui

Zen Leaders Program

Eiheiji, which translates to the temple of eternal peace, is recognized as the symbol of Japanese Zen culture and the head temple of the Soto Zen sect with over 770 years of history. Located in Eiheiji-chō of Fukui Prefecture, Eiheiji was founded by Dogen during the Kamakura period and remains one of the most visited temples in the Hokuriku region. The Zen Leaders Program opens its doors to those who seek a different perspective in experiencing the nature and culture of Japan. Guided tours delve into the history and teachings of Zen culture, offering deep insights into its essence.

Participants also get a chance to interact with local residents and monks, providing a serene retreat from daily stresses or worries you may have and fully embracing the spirit of Zen and nature. Picture yourself starting the day with meditation in the fresh morning air and getting a glimpse into the lives of monks - a peaceful contrast to city life. The monks regularly engage in training practices, and visitors are allowed to participate alongside them. Surrounded by grand architecture and the beauty of nature, Eihiji fosters a sense of "eternal peace," true to the temple's purpose. The Zen Leaders Program invites you on a life-changing journey through learning about Zen and exploring new horizons.


1-1-1 Junka, Fukui-shi, Fukui

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