GUIDE Western-Style Japanese Food

What is Yoshoku (Western-style Japanese food)

After national isolation in Edo era, Japan started trading with foreign countries from Meiji era, and prevailed European dishes arranged in Japanese style. Like Omurice, Curry rice, and Hayashi rice, new cooking that put rice together were invented based on European dishes. Though the appearances look similar, they are cooked in different ways, so they have different taste, and it makes European surprised.



Kinds of Yoshoku (Western-style Japanese food)




Curry Rice






How to eat like local

There are wide varieties of Western dish restaurants in Japan from public to high-grade one. It depends on the restaurants whether the chopsticks are prepared or not. Some restaurants doesn’t prepare the chopsticks, and follow the European style completely.


Eating Customs

High-grade restaurants mainly serve course menu like French or Italian dishes, but also you can enjoy Western style menu, in addition for share, and Japanese cuisine. So you can enjoy without constraint, for public as well.


Ideal Budget

In public one, the a la carte price is about 1,000 JPY, high-grade ones cost 2,000 JPY.