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The Nature & Shinto Shrine worship trip

Recommended season


Nagasaki and Saga, located at the westernmost tip of Honshu, have a long history of foreign culture and the fusion of different cultures. The first thing to do is to try painting Arita ware, in which indigo, red, and yellow colors are delicately applied to hard, durable white porcelain. After moving to Takeo Onsen, you will go to Mifuneyama Rakuen, a famous place for azaleas and autumn leaves. You will be mesmerized by one of the largest illuminations of autumn leaves in Japan. In the evening, take a relaxing dip in the soft hot spring water of Takeo Onsen.


Saga, which borders Nagasaki with its many port towns and the Genkai Sea, is a melting pot of cultures. First, you will experience painting Arita ware, in which indigo, red, and yellow colors are delicately applied to hard, durable white porcelain. Then, take a train to Hizen Kashima to experience farming. Interact with the locals and feed the Saga cattle for an authentic Saga experience!


Depart from Takeo Onsen and arrive in the port city of Sasebo. At the Kujuku Islands Pearl Sea Resort, enjoy island hopping, sea activities such as sea kayaking and yacht sailing, and the aquarium all at once. In the afternoon, visit Huis Ten Bosch. There are many events for the whole family to enjoy, such as Halloween and the World Flower Garden Show. In the evening, watch the famous Huis Ten Bosch fireworks display and soak up the romantic atmosphere.


On the third day, immerse yourself in the history of Nagasaki. Visit Yutoku Inari-jinja Shrine, which attracts about 3 million visitors annually. Visitors come to see the cosmos in October, and the autumn leaves and chrysanthemums in November. For lunch, head to the "Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu” for a taste of “Shippoku cuisine", a fusion of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes served on a platter and eat as you please. As the city turns dark, you can enjoy the night view at the top of Mt. Inasa, which is said to be one of the "Three Best Night Views in the World".


Located about 100 km west of Nagasaki Port, the Goto Islands consist of five large islands and countless smaller islands. It offers different Japanese scenery, including Catholic churches that became World Heritage Sites in 2018. Enjoy activities and camping at the same time at Nordisk Village, a glamping facility in Goto City. Fishing, scenic flights, and more are guaranteed to make your island trip memorable!


A relaxing vacation in mystical Yakushima Island

Recommended season

Enjoy trekking through the primeval forest and diving in the sea! The World Heritage Site, Yakushima, where you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains

A family trip to great nature in Kumamoto

Recommended season

Panoramic view in the meadow & wild dolphin watching. A magnificent nature trip with your family.

A gastronomic journey with Beauty and Deliciousness

Recommended season

Spectacular views of nature and craft of glass-making, summed up with a fish market visit - famous for blowfish.

600-year-traditional performing arts experiences

Recommended season

Experience Noh - cherished and preserved by the Japanese. Enjoy tea ceremony at a samurai residence, and immerse yourself deeply into Japan

Tropical resort stay in Japan

Recommended season

An out-of-the-world luxurious trip. Relish dolphin-watching cruises and exclusive resorts.

A trip to Kyoto by the sea, Enjoying the superb view and delicious food

Recommended season

Enjoy "Kyoto by the Sea", vast sand dunes and the breathtaking scenery of nature to the fullest! You can also savour Japanese gourmet meal such as Wagyu beef.

Enjoy the sea ! A family trip to Kansai

Recommended season

Cycling along the sea & driving with the refreshing breeze blowing... and don't miss the local cuisine! A magnificent road trip for families.

Walking the World Heritage Site

Recommended season

Dress up in traditional costumes and reminisce about the past on the Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage Site pilgrimage trail, where Japan's most sacred shrines and temples are located.

Autumn meditation retreat

Recommended season

Conquer Japan's largest lake and famous autumn foliage spots! Experience Zen at a traditional temple and stay at a glamping facility!

Savour Kyoto's long-established restaurants with Maiko

Recommended season

Cross-cultural interaction with Maiko and visit world heritage castles and temples - a must for the bucket list.

A relaxing trip in an unexplored region

Recommended season

Experience the unexplored lifestyle that has lasted for 1000 years. Traditional dances and a relaxing trip in nature.

A summer island hopping trip in Setouchi

Recommended season

Enjoy everything from cycling to maritime activities around the islands. Don't miss the shrines floating on the sea!

A photogenic trip to the Art Islands

Recommended season

The Seto Inland Sea in autumn is a treasure trove of photogenic spots! Take a photogenic trip surrounded by art and amazing scenery!

A classic, popular itinerary starting from Kobe

Recommended season

Easy travel on the Shinkansen! Visit World Heritage Sites, explore port towns, and enjoy some autumn leaves viewing! Classic travel course starting from Kobe.

Savour udon, bonito, and other Setouchi delicacies

Recommended season

Check out the seasonal bounty of Seto Inland Sea! Hand-made udon noodles, straw-roasted bonito, and other local delicacies!

Travel back in time in Kanazawa

Recommended season

Soak up in the Japanese spirit through this trip by experiencing samurai, making traditional crafts, and visiting Japanese-style gardens

Cherry Blossom Viewing Tour in Tohoku

Recommended season

Cherry blossom viewing and local farmhouse stay. Soothe your soul in the tranquility of Japan's nature.

Getting closer to nature with mountain asceticism

Recommended season

Discover the mysteries of Japan through practicing Yamabushi (asceticism) and visiting unexplored hot spring towns

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