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Explore Lake Biwa with all-inclusive access from L'Hotel du Lac

L'Hotel du Lac rests on the shores of Lake Biwa, a natural freshwater lake just north of Kyoto. Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in the country, full of freshwater fish and surrounded by wild marshlands and forests—a bird watching paradise. The lake is also part of a culturally significant region that is rich with farming, foraging and fishing. L'Hotel du Lac takes all of these influences and creates a hotel-resort experience that is both relaxed and detail-orientated. The rooms are decorated in a variety of modern styles ranging from Scandinavian to Bali-inspired, while the common areas are designed to be serene and tranquil spaces.

The experience is all-inclusive, from farm-to-table French meals in the dining room, to bicycle rental and tennis along the lake. Even the spa is included. Be sure to take a treatment, as each promotes rejuvenation and recentering for weary travelers. Book a private bath and lean back to soak in the beauty that is Lake Biwa.

2064 Oura, Nishiasai-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga-ken