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Fine dining under the stars in the Japanese Alps

Norikura Star and Moon Restaurant connect Japan’s culinary traditions with a glamping-in-Japan experience. Surrounded by the Japanese Alps, Shinshu is a stunning example of Japan’s natural beauty. Few visitors get the chance to view the night sky from deep in the Japanese Alps. Fewer yet get to do so with a dinner carefully planned by one of Tokyo’s top chefs. Chisako Hori, owner of Le Rihe in Tokyo created a menu that marries exceptional Shinshu foods with sukiyaki shabu shabu, a famous Japanese camping meal. You’ll dine under the stars in a luxurious tent that compliments the surrounding nature—even the food is arranged and served in simple, Japanese cedar wood boxes.

The meal begins with a selection of Japanese wines and local Shiga-Kogen craft beers, followed by an appetizer that pays tribute to the beauty of Shinshu. The main course is delicate slices of local premium Japanese beef, cooked table-side in a boiling hot pot of local vegetables. The final plate is soba noodles from Yamagata village followed by a dessert of seasonal fruits native to the region.

209-1 Azumi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken