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Visit spectacular caves and learn about their unique geological history

Choose among three tours to discover the unique history of Nekozaki Peninsula, the northernmost point of Hyogo Prefecture which once flourished as a port for the trading ships known as kitamaebune.

Available year-round and each lasting 90 minutes, these experiences allow you to: trek to the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula, with its spectacular seaside views; observe fossilized footprints of Asian elephants and potholes where the rocks have been eroded by waves; or visit the alleys of Takenocho, where many of the houses are clad with burnt cedar boards known as yakisugi, a traditional technique that carbonizes the wood in order to protect the buildings from wind, salt, rain, and moisture.

Each of these tours offers a stimulating view into different aspects of the peninsula, its geological past, and the culture and history of its residents.

Available Year-round
Duration 30 min to 1 hr
Cost Adults 500 yen; Students 300 yen
Foreign Languages English and French (with advance notice)
Contact Genbudo Park
Address 1347 Akaishi, Toyooka, Hyogo
Phone (+81) 0796-22-4774

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