Slip into a hot spring bath in an ancient forest at this luxury onsen resort


Unzen National Park hugs the coast of western Kyushu—a misty, mountainous area made up of thick forests. Situated in this ancient forest is Hanzuiryo, a hot springs resort. Unlike many busy hot spring towns, Hanzuiryo has just 14 secluded villas, spread out across expansive gardens. The spacious villas are inspired by "sukiya-zukuri" architecture, a style typically associated with traditional teahouses. Each luxurious villa is constructed with traditional wooden beams, "tatami" mat floors, sliding rice paper doors and views out onto a private garden.

In the gardens are two bathhouses and both feature wooden indoor baths and natural stone, open-air baths. The hot water in Unzen has been famous for more than a thousand years, and this same water flows through the baths at Hanzuiryo. The kitchens focus on "kaiseki" perfection—seasonal, local, multi-course meals immaculately presented.


380-1 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-shi, Nagasaki

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