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424,200 UK visitors travelled to Japan in 2019, which is 27% more than in the same period last year. This massive increase is due to the dedication of the RWC spectators. But in general, UK tour operators reported to us that Japan products have become very popular and sales are going so well. According to our research, travellers visit Japan looking to experience a wide variety of Japanese food, traditions, breathtaking scenery, and to explore Japan's futuristic cities.


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Beyond the clouds, there is always light

JNTO has launched a new global campaign to showcase the diversity of Japan based on an ancient proverb. Watch the video here.


Japan Online Training for travel professionals

Don't know about Japan? Nothing to worry. Try JNTO online training and learn about Japan in no time.

For agents in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, and English-speaking areas of Africa and the Middle East.
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Japan webinar

Watch the presentation at the Travel Bulletin Virtual FAR EAST training here. 10 minutes ultimate Japan guide which suitable for beginners. 



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