Postcards from Japan: Smelling Japanese autumn, story-telling souvenirs and "the next best thing to being there" with Axel Deroubaix

Nothing says 'I've been to Japan' like buying a new suitcase while you're out there to help carry all the souvenirs you bought for the whole family, and the wacky kit kat flavours you're gifting to everyone in the office. Maybe you're planning your first trip right now, and gazing longingly at the souvenir your friend brought you back from their trip!

If any of this applies to you then listen close - Axel Deroubaix, a Frenchman residing in Japan has come up with a fantastic way of bringing Japan to us, whilst we still can't go to Japan quite yet...

Kotatsu - The Japanese Invention The World Hasn't Cottoned Onto Yet

Not many people have heard of it but it will almost definitely have you saying: "why haven't we thought of that?!". This life-saver is a seasonal highlight and the secret to not just surviving but thriving during Japan's colder months. They're hitting the headlines as they take work from home by storm, but they're found in all sorts of settings. How can you cash in on this unsung cultural hero during your next Japan trip?

Postcards from Japan: Life in Tohoku, Youtube stardom and taking lockdown one day at a time with Chris Broad // Abroad in Japan

Like many people, Chris Broad's reason for coming to Japan from the UK was to each English and, like many people, he was placed in a very rural area of Japan. What started as a standard placement developed into a deep love for Japan, which in turn led Chris to start the Abroad in Japan Youtube channel, with its 1.85million subscribers.

We asked Chris about his journey to Youtube stardom and his tips on how to make the most of a Japan trip.