Postcard from Japan: Best daytrips around Tohoku, Japanese savoir-vivre and self-employment in Japan, with Quinlan Faris

Quinlan came to Japan from the US 20 years ago and he's a real one-man band. He's been self-employed for 19 years, he works as a translator, guide, actor, runs the 'GoNorth Japan' YouTube channel and he also runs a small Airbnb in Tohoku's Morioka! We talked to Quinlan about his favourite places to see cherry blossoms, who inspired him to start a YouTube channel (you'll be surprised) and asked him for some recomendations for first-time visitors!

The Oshika Peninsula: Land of the Sacred Deer

Oshika peninsula located in the northern Tohoku region has been at the heart of myths and an important stage for local history for centuries. Rich in folklore and abundant in natural appeal, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it became an inspiration for Caroline Pover who published a book about a decate of rebuilding Oshika. We asked Caroline to run us through all the must-see spots on the Oshika peninsula and share her expert advice for first-time visitors and Tohoku old-timers.

Top 10 Skiing Tips for Family Adventures

Have you always been tempted by the famous “Japow” (Japanese powder snow) but worries about your little ones are holidng you back? How to make the most out of the ski season as a family? What about equipment? We checked back in with the Galavanting Family who have been enjoying the winter in the snow paradise that is Hokkaido. They gave us their top 10 tips and recommendations for making the most out of skiing adventures in Japan!

Postcards from Japan: Tasting Tohoku, becoming a sake sommelier and supporting affected communities, with Jess Hallams

Mett Jess Hallams who like many before her, came to Japan 'for just one year' and never really left. During her JET Programme placement in Fukushima, she fell in love with the local people, and now continues to promote it from Miyagi prefecture where she works in tourism. Jess shared with us her tips on exploring and tasting Tohoku (trust us, there is plenty of delicious food there). Read on to find out more about her adventures and training to become a sake sommelier!



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