Setting the Scene: 4 BFI Japan Season Films and their Filming Locations

The BFI's Japan Season, with over 100 years of Japanese cinema' has had us itching for more films and trip to the locations that inspired them! Must be that Japan-shaped hole in our hearts... So whilst we can't yet travel to Japan, we thought we'd properly introduce you to some of the locations featured in some of the season's finest films, while travel is confined to the armchair and silver screen. Read on to find out more!

Postcards from Japan: Forging international connections and embarking on Japan's ultimate hiking challenge, with Tom Mayes

Tom Mayes took up Japanese as something 'new' in college which changed the tracks of his life. One of the founding creators of the Experience Japan Exhibition which inspires UK students to come and study in Japan, he wanted to forge new connections between the two countries closest to his heart. His interest in hiking in Japan was sparked by the stunning sunset view behind Nagano's Mt. Asanoyama he witnessed from his shinkansen seat...

Postcards from Japan: Writing a Japan-inspired debut novel, Hiroshima's gems, and Japan's best spots for cat lovers, with Nick Bradley

Always wondering about the lives of his fellow commuters, Nick was inspired to write his debut novel by his daily train journey through Tokyo and his love for cats. Called 'The Cat and The City', it's a BBC 2 Book Club Pick, and is currently awaiting translations into nine languages! Nick shared with us which places he visitied while researching for his book and his favourite spot to revisit every time he comes to Japan! He has also achieved the Japanese dream - he has visited every single prefecture, and has some great recommendations for all you cat lovers out there.

“The Mirror of Kyoto” and historic capital of the North - Hiraizumi

North Japan is often associated with remote landscapes but this UNESCO World Heritage site was a big exception. Steph Marley's passion for premodern Japanese poetry and the history of the Tohoku region led her to a master's degree and a passion for this 'Lost Mirror of Kyoto'. She tells us what makes this place so incredibly special and how best to access and experience this slice of Old Japan.



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