Postcards from Japan: Turning anime passion into a living with Shao Dow

Like a lot of us, Shao Dow’s fervent love for anime and manga was what hooked him to Japan and ever since the days of Pokémon, he has not looked back! From making anime-inspired music to creating his own manga series, Shao has done more than just dip his toes into Japanese pop culture and he is nowhere near finished! Join us for this interview as Shao takes us on a wild tour through his inspirations, creative process and all he has in store for the future.

Japan at 300km per hour: Discover the locations featured in the Bullet Train movie

Bullet Train, the film adaptation of Kotaro Isaka's pulse-pounding novel of the same name, has now arrived and is ready for boarding! While the train races its way from Tokyo to Kyoto we do get a small glimpse at some of the incredible places the film hurtles past at each of the stations it stops at en route from Tokyo to Kyoto but what is there to see and do in the destinations where the film is set?



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