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Cherry Blossoms: The Best Train Lines to Admire the Sakura in Hokuriku!

For many, one of the most wondrous symbols of Japan are the cherry blossoms, dubbed “sakura” in Japanese, as many people know. As temperatures rise and the scenery transitions from white winterscapes to rolling greens and blossoming flowers, the aforementioned sakura season is most anticipated. Sakura trees grace the landscape all over the country, be it avenues in major cities, riverbanks in the countryside, or even through the windows of commuting locomotives that move through the landscape, here's a look at a few spots.

From Sapporo to Nara: Following the Race Across the World, Part 1

Premiering earlier this month, the 4th series of Race Across the World pits 5 pairs of adventurers against each other as they attempt to cross Asia, all without their phones, the internet, and other essentials. The first episode began with the groups departing from Sapporo, the capital of the northernmost island of Hokkaido. Endeavouring to reach the city of Nara as their first checkpoint, let’s look at some of the spots that the pairs visited along their journeys!


7 Things to do in Shimane Prefecture: A Hidden Gem of Japan

Situated in the western portion of Japan, known as the Chugoku region, lies Shimane Prefecture. Facing the Sea of Japan, this hidden gem is filled to the brim with stunning sights to see and experiences to undertake. The area is also serviced by one of the few remaining sleeper trains in the country, the Sunrise Izumo! So let’s see what amazing things Shimane Prefecture has to offer.

6 Things to do in Tottori Prefecture: The Stunning West of Japan

Tottori Prefecture, not to be confused with the similarly named Studio Ghibli character, a neighbour to Shimane, Okayama, and Hyogo prefectures, sits within a beautiful area of Japan, full of nature and immersive culture, yet perfect for one who is looking for a adventure that is slightly off of the beaten path. Let’s jump in and see a selection of what Tottori has to offer! 



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