Postcards from Japan: Writing a Japan-inspired debut novel, Hiroshima's gems, and Japan's best spots for cat lovers, with Nick Bradley

Always wondering about the lives of his fellow commuters, Nick was inspired to write his debut novel by his daily train journey through Tokyo and his love for cats. Called 'The Cat and The City', it's a BBC 2 Book Club Pick, and is currently awaiting translations into nine languages! Nick shared with us which places he visitied while researching for his book and his favourite spot to revisit every time he comes to Japan! He has also achieved the Japanese dream - he has visited every single prefecture, and has some great recommendations for all you cat lovers out there.

Postcards from Japan: Snowscapes in the Japan Alps, international love, and Japanese New Year in the UK, with Nick & Ryo

They went from 0 to 5000 subscribers in just the space of a year and a half - Nick and Ryo (from NikoRyo Channel) are a jet-setting British-Japanese couple currently living in London. They originally met in the most unexpected of places in Japan but, joining Ryo in the UK, Nick moved to London in 2018 where the two of them later got married in the summer of 2019. They now run their own Youtube channel introducing everything about their lives as a British-Japanese couple living in London!  

Postcards from Japan: Tohoku's sacred mountains, Buddhist waterfall training, and befriending the locals, with Sara Milliot

Discovering traditional Japanese music in her father's CD collection as a teenage girl has changed the tracks of Sara Milliot's life.
A JET Programme assignment to northern Tsuruoka has led her to discover a deep love for Tohoku, and what's even more important: the incredible local people who readily accepted her as a part of their community! Sara shared with us her top tips on getting around Tohoku, why there are so many mummies in the area, secrets of the local cuisine, and what else is hiding in the north, a bullet train ride away from Tokyo.

Postcards from Japan: PhD in Tokyo and uncovering Afro-Japanese interactions with Warren Stanislaus

Warren A. Stanislaus from South East London set off on a gap year to volunteer in Japan with plans to return. Fast forward to over a decade later and now he's done it all: studied, worked, and even delved beneath Japan's surface as a researcher! Based in central Tokyo, he's an experienced city dweller, DJing at bars and singing his heart out at karaoke, but he's also an expert in the little known history of Afro-Japanese interactions! Warren shared with us why Japan is a "safe space" and why nothing beats a Japanese convenience store. 

Postcards from Japan: Accessible wilderness, Hokkaido how-to's and why Tohoku should be next, with Rob Thomson of The Hokkaido Wilds



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