Winner of Best in Sustainability 2021: Say hello to Wakayama

In the Kansai area just below Osaka, lies Wakayama, a prefecture famous for its magnificent mountains, connections to Japanese history, roaring waterfalls, and spiritual pilgrimage trails. Many think of it as the natural and spiritual capital of Japan, and this year Lonely Planet’s readers gave credit where credit is due as Wakayama was voted the best sustainable destination in 2021! With both mountains and sea, and a refreshing take on modern life, Wakayama is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

A Heart Made from Metal: OIGEN and the History of Metalwork in Iwate

Located in the northeast of the Tohoku region, Iwate overlooks the Pacific Ocean via the Sanriku coastline and is buttressed by the Ou Mountains, home to some of Japan's best ski resorts and hot springs. Roughly divided into four distinct regions, Iwate is also marked by common themes of nature worship and traditional folklore, as well as samurai history and a long-standing tradition of high-quality metalwork craftsmanship. To find out more about this remote corner of Japan, we caught up with Oikawa-san to discuss all things Iwate and ferrous. 



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