Escape The Crowds: Hottest Cherry Blossoms In North Japan

The Tohoku region definitely takes the crown in the ranking of the most underrated areas of Japan. What many people don’t know is that’s where you will find some of the most incredible cherry blossom spots! Lower prices, less crowds and magnificent nature at your fingertips are one of the best things about Tohoku. We have ventured to every corner of Tohoku to find the best cherry blossoms and we have found something for everyone: samurai castles, magnificent mountains, cherry blossom tunnels...

Winner of Best in Sustainability 2021: Say hello to Wakayama

In the Kansai area just below Osaka, lies Wakayama, a prefecture famous for its magnificent mountains, connections to Japanese history, roaring waterfalls, and spiritual pilgrimage trails. Many think of it as the natural and spiritual capital of Japan, and this year Lonely Planet’s readers gave credit where credit is due as Wakayama was voted the best sustainable destination in 2021! With both mountains and sea, and a refreshing take on modern life, Wakayama is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Yearning in Yamagata with Tohoku Enthusiast Clarissa Combe

With the Sea of Japan to its west and mountains to its east, Yamagata Prefecture perfectly embodies the natural beauty that Tohoku is so often associated with. Co-ordinator of International Relations (CIR) for Aomori Tourism Clarissa Combe journeyed south to Yamagata for a closer look at some of the prefecture's most revered attractions, including Zao Onsen, picturesque Ginzan Onsen, awe-inspiring Yamadera and Dewa Sanzan, one of the holiest sites in Japan.



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