Momijigari: How to enjoy autumn in Japan and the UK

Every autumn Japan’s natural beauty takes on a new meaning when people head off on ‘momijigari’ leaf hunting adventures. It’s a custom of visiting places where leaves have started to blush and admiring the changing seasons. Read on to find out how to enjoy autumn following Japanese people's philosophy of appreciation both in Japan and here in the UK at Kew Gardens' Japan festival supported by Daikin UK!

Postcards from Japan: Cherishing Japan's nature and discovering ancient beliefs, with Richard Pearce

This week we had a chat with Richard, a British enterpreneur, who lives in beautiful Tottori - Japan's least populated prefecture. Richard is deeply connected with the natural and spiritual worlds: he practices Shugendo, Japan's ancient religion and philosophy, and is very involved in the conservation of the Japanese Giant Salamanders! Read on to find out about the unexplored Tottori prefecture and Richard's journey of discovery.

Escape The Crowds: Hottest Cherry Blossoms In North Japan

The Tohoku region definitely takes the crown in the ranking of the most underrated areas of Japan. What many people don’t know is that’s where you will find some of the most incredible cherry blossom spots! Lower prices, less crowds and magnificent nature at your fingertips are one of the best things about Tohoku. We have ventured to every corner of Tohoku to find the best cherry blossoms and we have found something for everyone: samurai castles, magnificent mountains, cherry blossom tunnels...



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