Bullet Train BTS: 6 interesting Japan facts behind the blockbuster movie

By now you're probably aware of 2022's big summer blockbuster zipping onto cinema screens all over the UK from August 3rd. While the star-studded film is storming UK cinemas, we thought we'd help you wow your friends with film trivia and take you through some BTS facts, the book the film was based on and the tidbits of Japanese culture scattered throughout the Bullet Train's 2 hour and 30 minute runtime!

Postcards from Japan: Working in Japan's gaming industry, with Hollie

Super video-game enthusiast Hollie had always wondered what life in the birthplace of gaming giants such as Nintendo and Sega would be like, but it wasn’t until after a first-time holiday to Japan that she knew she had to turn idea into reality. We had a chat about how she landed a job in a development studio in Kyoto and she shared some tips on how to break into the Japanese gaming industry. 

Postcards from Japan: Turning anime passion into a living with Shao Dow

Like a lot of us, Shao Dow’s fervent love for anime and manga was what hooked him to Japan and ever since the days of Pokémon, he has not looked back! From making anime-inspired music to creating his own manga series, Shao has done more than just dip his toes into Japanese pop culture and he is nowhere near finished! Join us for this interview as Shao takes us on a wild tour through his inspirations, creative process and all he has in store for the future.



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