Tsuchiyu Onsen: Tradition meets the future

Tsuchiyu Onsen is a quaint hot spring town located in Tohoku’s Fukushima Prefecture. After 2011 Tsuchiyu experienced a drop in visitors and the locals had to do something to change the fate of their beloved town. They decided to take a step into the future and do something other hot spring towns were afraid to do: they established a geothermal energy plant! Read more about this traditional hot spring and its journey to renewable energy.

#Japanuary: Start the year right with Japanese wellness hacks

Starting 2021 with a fresh mind, it’s time to take a look inside our ‘travel hearts’ and see what's been hiding there for a while. Japan is about celebrating small experiences and little joys which turn your whole trip into lasting memories shared with your loved ones. This year we’re joining Japanuary, an initiative to celebrate different aspects of Japanese lifestyle. Take a look at our list of experiences that will positively affect your wellbeing and let you hit that ‘refresh’ button in Japan!

Postcards from Japan: becoming the first foreign opening rider of a Shinto ritual, and Nikko's hidden gems with Michael No

When Michael No came to Japan on a farming holiday, his travels brought him to Nikko where his curiosity to learn yabusame, a shinto ritual of mounted archery, turned into a 7 year passion and a job at Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura. In 2019 he become the first foreigner to become the opening rider of a yabusame ritual in front of 25,000 people!

We talked to Michael about his journey, insider's tips for exploring Nikko an area famed for its natural beauty, and his expert food recommendations.

Potty About Pottery: Morito Domae and the Hakodate Kogeisha Gallery

Fish markets and morning squid auctions, a retro tram network with wood-panneled carriages, a weirdly wonderful and exclusively regional Japanese hamburger chain, beautifully preserved old timey boutique cafes overlooking sunsets on the sea… There's a lot to love about Hokkaido’s second city of Hakodate, but standing proudly next to Jujigai tram stop is another of the city’s characterful hidey-holes and a must-visit landmark on any craft-lover’s map: Hakodate Kogeisha gallery and boutique. Read on to find out what they had to say about their gallery and this wonderful port city.



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