Momijigari: How to enjoy autumn in Japan and the UK

Every autumn Japan’s natural beauty takes on a new meaning when people head off on ‘momijigari’ leaf hunting adventures. It’s a custom of visiting places where leaves have started to blush and admiring the changing seasons. Read on to find out how to enjoy autumn following Japanese people's philosophy of appreciation both in Japan and here in the UK at Kew Gardens' Japan festival supported by Daikin UK!

Postcards from Japan: Unlocking the world of kimono, with Stasia Matsumoto from InKimono

Stasia Matsumoto moved to Japan after finishing university and fell in love with the world of kimono at her local kimono school. Nine years later she is a certified kimono stylist, teacher and consultant, and runs her own kimono business ‘InKimono’ in the famous Asakusa district!  Read on to find out about her journey with traditional Japanese clothing, her favourite kimono, and the best places to learn more about kimono and Japan's remarkable craftsmanship.

Tsuchiyu Onsen: Tradition meets the future

Tsuchiyu Onsen is a quaint hot spring town located in Tohoku’s Fukushima Prefecture. After 2011 Tsuchiyu experienced a drop in visitors and the locals had to do something to change the fate of their beloved town. They decided to take a step into the future and do something other hot spring towns were afraid to do: they established a geothermal energy plant! Read more about this traditional hot spring and its journey to renewable energy.



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