Postcards from Japan: Working in Japan's gaming industry, with Hollie

Super video-game enthusiast Hollie had always wondered what life in the birthplace of gaming giants such as Nintendo and Sega would be like, but it wasn’t until after a first-time holiday to Japan that she knew she had to turn idea into reality. We had a chat about how she landed a job in a development studio in Kyoto and she shared some tips on how to break into the Japanese gaming industry. 

Japan at 300km per hour: Discover the locations featured in the Bullet Train movie

Bullet Train, the film adaptation of Kotaro Isaka's pulse-pounding novel of the same name, has now arrived and is ready for boarding! While the train races its way from Tokyo to Kyoto we do get a small glimpse at some of the incredible places the film hurtles past at each of the stations it stops at en route from Tokyo to Kyoto but what is there to see and do in the destinations where the film is set?



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