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4 unique overnight stays in Tokyo

Over the last few years, Japan has seen a boom in boutique and luxe hotels opening up across Tokyo (and Kyoto -  that post will come soon!) elevating the service of omotenashi to even greater heights. With Japan on the brink of reopening, here are four hotels you should definitely consider when you’re planning your next Japan adventure - from long-standing favourites to exciting new openings.

Immerse yourself in Japanese authors on a relaxing night at the library hotel

Conveniently located a short walk from Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower, is Shiba Park Hotel. Established in 1948, the hotel recently took the opportunity during the quietness of the pandemic to renovate itself as “The Library Hotel” yet still retain traditional omotenashi values. 

The vision has resulted in a graceful intimate stay with plush comfortable chairs scattered throughout the hotel, cozy reading nooks on each floor with a different theme (6F Crafts/ 7F Architecture/ 8F Photography/ 9F Travel/ 10F Fashion/ 11F Art) all so one can curl up with a good book after a long day exploring, whether it be in the public areas or the comfort of your own room. Surrounding the main staircase are shelves of books for you to choose from; the shelves range about 7m in height from the 1st floor to the 2nd.

Their “Library Lounge” on the 1st floor (street level) has a wonderful selection of famous and classic Japanese novels/works that have been published in English which are a perfect read to give one an insight into this fascinating country.

For those who are too tired to venture out, The Dining (the restaurant on the 1st floor) offers delightful dinner courses thoughtfully prepared and full of flavour. One can choose from “Western/Chinese/Japanese” menu options. 

Be inspired by local artists and their mural rooms at the art hotel

Opened in 2003, Park Hotel Tokyo is located on the 25th floor and above in Shiodome Media Tower. Inspired by the movement of the “Artist in Residence” within galleries, Park Hotel Tokyo has created the “Artist in Hotel” mural installations across 34 Artist rooms on the 31st floor. Currently two more Artist rooms are under development from July 2022. 

A stunning initiative to celebrate the concept of “Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty,” the entire hotel is an art museum which pays tribute to local, upcoming and famous Japanese artists. Over 400 works of art are displayed throughout the premises, with Corridor Galleries from floors 26-34. Their hotel lobby called the Atrium, showcases fixed works of art and visual art displays. 

The first 34 Artists were chosen after an open calling to present their ideas. After their selection they were invited to immerse themselves in the hotel’s atmosphere and philosophy, from which they then painted their designs directly onto the walls of the hotel room. Stunning and striking, these rooms are a wondrous immortalisation of not only Japan’s beautiful natural scenery, but also the legends, the myths, the “wa” that make Japan so captivating. 

Imagine staying in a room painted with sakura, or with geisha and goldfish, or perhaps waking up to a mural of Mt Fuji or feeling like you’re in the midst of a Japanese summer matsuri. It is truly a unique hotel experience.

Soak in the rooftop infinity onsen pool hotel...with views of Mt Fuji

30mins from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo line is Tachikawa Station and beautiful Showa Kinen Park (the largest park in Central Tokyo) where one will still feel like they are not that far from all the usual Tokyo craziness and yet in a whole other world. Spend a night or two at  Sorano Hotel, for the  hotel’s philosophy is well-being, to invigorate both your mind and body, and with a 60m rooftop infinity onsen pool (bring your swimsuit!) and indoor onsen pool, they definitely can. 

The founder of the hotel is a former ex-fighter plane maker, and with his love of the skies it’s no wonder that the hotel has been named “Sorano” (sora means “of the sky” in Japanese) and even more fitting that Tachikawa was known as the “town of the sky” due to its history of aviation production. There is still a small airfield next to Showa Kinen Park, where as you soak away in the onsen, don’t be surprised if you see small aircrafts and a few helicopters flying by. 

Sorano Hotel took a chance and drilled down 2km to discover a natural hot spring which feeds the infinity pool, where in summer it’s mixed with cold water so the temperature of the pool is pleasant to relax and swim in and in winter it’s delightfully toasty onsen hot. If you’re lucky whilst you’re in the pool you can see Mt Fuji clearly in the distance! (clear skies and no humidity is best, so generally colder months)

Splurge on a luxurious stay at the new Four Seasons Otemachi

If you still want to stay within the hustle and bustle, and really feel like a splurge, then look no further than the latest addition to the Four Seasons Group: Four Seasons Otemachi. 

Located in the Otemachi district as the name suggests, the hotel is the epitome of modern luxury. High floors (the hotel starts on the 34th floor) give you stunning views of a Tokyo cityscape including Skytree and Tokyo Tower depending on the room, and side of the hotel. 

Opulent bathrooms with deep view baths are perfect to just spoil yourself with a nice deep soak. If you’re feeling peckish there are two restaurants to choose from, including the delightful Pigneto which serves delicious Italian cuisine which you can enjoy inside or on the lovely terrace on the 34th floor. Breakfast is also served at Pigneto. Est is the other restaurant which shares one half of the terrace, and if one is looking to splurge on a meal as well, this is the restaurant to dine at (or you can just order room service).

Finish off with a nightcap at Virtu, the hotel’s opulent bar which drew inspiration from the time of the Prohibition era and with Great Gatsby vibes. Then wake up the next morning with either a dip in their ofuro bath, a swim in their pool or the jacuzzi.


Follow Lia as she explore more areas of Japan intimately, over on her IG @ryokanwanderings or have a read of her blog: Ryokan Wanderings for even more stories and adventures. Check out her studio, Tokyo Kaleidoscope, for her work restoring silk kimono.



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