Postcards from Japan: PhD in Tokyo and uncovering Afro-Japanese interactions with Warren Stanislaus

Warren A. Stanislaus from South East London set off on a gap year to volunteer in Japan with plans to return. Fast forward to over a decade later and now he's done it all: studied, worked, and even delved beneath Japan's surface as a researcher! Based in central Tokyo, he's an experienced city dweller, DJing at bars and singing his heart out at karaoke, but he's also an expert in the little known history of Afro-Japanese interactions! Warren shared with us why Japan is a "safe space" and why nothing beats a Japanese convenience store. 

Postcards from Japan: Drag, ‘kizuna’, and revolutionising the face covering in Tokyo with Temanda-san

With the explosion in popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race in the US, Canada and even in the UK, too, the art of drag has never been more celebrated.

Drag in Japan has been alive and well for centuries across its big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo and even Kyoto, but one drag queen recently snatched a headline with her innovative approach to social distancing amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Potty About Pottery: Morito Domae and the Hakodate Kogeisha Gallery

Fish markets and morning squid auctions, a retro tram network with wood-panneled carriages, a weirdly wonderful and exclusively regional Japanese hamburger chain, beautifully preserved old timey boutique cafes overlooking sunsets on the sea… There's a lot to love about Hokkaido’s second city of Hakodate, but standing proudly next to Jujigai tram stop is another of the city’s characterful hidey-holes and a must-visit landmark on any craft-lover’s map: Hakodate Kogeisha gallery and boutique. Read on to find out what they had to say about their gallery and this wonderful port city.

Tom Daley Does Japan: TOKYO

Tom returns to Tokyo, Japan's futuristic and funky capital for the final installment of his Tohoku adventure. After a bout of retail therapy in Shibuya, Tom scrambled to get his hands on anything and everything colourful in Harajuku, the pop-culture capital of the world; a whacky outfit for a trip to the equally whacky Kawaii Monster Cafe? Tom then paid a visit to leafy Meiji-jingu Shrine, before enjoying a late-night drink in one of Shinjuku's many cosy izakaya. Read on to find out more!




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