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Where to See Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan


Ask any tourist what they would like to see in Japan, and a majority, if not all, would say cherry blossoms. Hence, here is a list of destinations in Japan where you can enjoy the sakura season and see the well-loved national flower of the country.


1. Hirosaki Park (Aomori)



Hirosaki Park has a breathtaking view, most especially during the month of April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It is located inside the vicinity of Hirosaki Castle Park in Aomori Prefecture, where one of the remaining castles in Japan stands. Filipino actor Robi Domingo can attest to its marvel as he got to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in this place. 


Known to have large-scaled cherry blossom trees, the place annually holds the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival that is famous among both locals and tourists. It is usually held from late April to early May when the place looks pink because of the flowers.


Aside from viewing the cherry blossoms, there is a variety of activities to do at Hirosaki Park. As such, many visitors also take the time to tour around Hirosaki Castle, the Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden, and the Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden. 


2. Takada Castle Site Park (Niigata)



Takada Castle Site Park is located in Niigata Prefecture in Japan’s Chubu region. It is also a top cherry blossom spot as there are said to be more than 4,000 cherry blossom trees that bloom during spring, perfect for a relaxing and lovely night viewing. Likewise, many tourists come to attend the Takada Castle Cherry Blossom Festival and see the place’s “Sakura Road” of illuminated cherry blossom trees with about 3,000 paper lanterns. 


The festival is also a lively sight to behold at night as there are many stalls where tourists can avail of food and drinks. What a romantic way to spend the evening with friends and family, indeed.


3. Arakurayama Sengen Park (Yamanashi)



Arakurayama Sengen Park is located in Fujiyoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture. 


Many visitors come to this place for it is a good spot to see the magnificent Mt. Fuji and is also home to a five-story pagoda. Since it is a good place for cherry blossoms as well, an annual festival called the Arakurayama Sengen Park Cherry Blossom Festival is held here, usually between March and April. 


Called Sakura Marche, music and food stalls would fill the city grounds during festival season. There are many information booths in the area to guide visitors  through the event. A variety of local dishes and products are also being sold so this is a great place to try out goods the city has to offer.


4. Minami-Izu Town (Shizuoka)



The picturesque town of Minami-Izu is located in the southern part of the Izu Peninsula in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture. 


With its breathtaking scenery, many people come to the town to see about 800 Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom trees, most especially during the “Minami no Sakura to Nanohana Matsuri” or the Southern Cherry Blossoms and Rapeseed Flower Festival that takes place in February and March. 


A variety of activities can be done in Minami-Izu. As such, one can experience viewing flowers while riding a rickshaw. And of course, tourists should not miss the opportunity to taste the locals’ fresh produce.


There are many ways people can get to this beautifully lush peninsula whose coastline faces the Philippine Sea. One of which is through the Odoriko express train that departs from Tokyo Station and arrives at Izukyu-Shimoda Station, the closest in the Izu Kyuko Line, which caters to the Izu Peninsula.


5. Mt. Shiude (Kagawa)



352 meters above the ground, Mt. Shiude towers over the Shonai Peninsula in Kagawa Prefecture. 


It is said to be a great location to sightsee approximately a thousand cherry blossom trees, which surrounds the Seto Inland Sea and the rest of the neighboring islands. Simply imagine a cloud of pastel pinks and waves of blues—magnificent, indeed.


Furthermore, expect the view to get even more spectacular during springtime when the cherry blossom flowers are in full bloom. The best time to visit would be late March to mid-April. 


Mt. Shiude also has a rich heritage, which visitors can surely appreciate and know more of when they drop by the Mt. Shiude Archaeological Museum. 


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