Must-Visit Flower Gardens in Japan


Exquisite views, romantic air, and spectacular experience. Whether you are traveling solo, with your special someone, or with your family and friends, you can always count on the majestic flower gardens of Japan to make you and your companions beam with delight. 


Here are five must-visit flower gardens in the Land of the Rising Sun.


1. Keisei Rose Garden (Chiba) 



Keisei Rose Garden is located in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture. Home to about 10,000 roses of different kinds, this 7.4-acre garden won the Award of Garden Excellence at the 17th World Convention of Rose Societies in 2015, which makes it a must-visit flower garden when you visit Japan.


With 1,600 varieties of roses, the best times to see the flowers in full bloom are mid-May through early June, and mid-October through early November. 


Aside from the flowers, there is a variety of activities that can be enjoyed in this flower garden. As such, if you happen to be interested in planting and learning more about the flowers, you can talk to expert florists at the Garden Center where seasonal flowers, soil, and fertilizers, among others, are available. 


Should you decide to go on a food adventure, the doors of restaurant “La Rose,” café “Patio,” and bakery “SunBretta” are open. And of course, do not leave the place without dropping by the souvenir shop where there is a variety of rose items to choose from.


2. Shiga Agricultural Park Blumen Hügel (Shiga)



Did you know that you can bring your pet dogs to this park in Japan? Yes, your fur babies are very much welcomed at Shiga Agricultural Park Blumen Hügel, a German-inspired townscape located in Hino, Shiga Prefecture.


Inspired by German architecture, this park has a beautiful flower area where different kinds of flowers bloom per season. Featuring a wide array of colors, the flowers include cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, hibiscus, sunflowers, roses, canola, pansies, and tulips, just to name a few.


Aside from the flower area, there are other areas to visit, like the animal area where you can pet and feed animals. Should you get hungry or decide to see some souvenirs, you can check out the German-inspired restaurants and shops in the park.


3. Sera Kogen Farm (Hiroshima)



Said to be one of the largest flower gardens in Japan, Sera Kogen Farm is located in Sera, Hiroshima. 


With 11 million sunflowers and 700,000 tulips blooming, just to name a few features, this place is definitely a must-visit! 


For those who would like to see weeping cherry blossoms in full bloom, the month of April or springtime is a good time to come by. To see the lovely, colorful tulips, the best time to visit are the months of April and May during its festival. Meanwhile, sunflowers bloom brightly in summer, especially during the month of August. During its festival, tourists can enjoy various activities like trying out the sunflower maze and the sunflower tower. 


Last but not the least, autumn in this place is made more majestic by dahlia flowers that bloom during September and October. During the Dahlia Festival, tourists can see more than 25,000 dahlias of 450 varieties in full bloom.


4. Yamada Sunflower Garden (Saga)



Are you a fan of sunflowers? Then you should not miss the chance to visit Yamada Sunflower Garden in Miyaki, Saga Prefecture. 


What makes this garden unique is the contrast between the different colors—the yellow of the vibrant sunflowers, the green of the nearby trees, and the blue of the clear sky that serves as the backdrop, making for a magnificent scenery.


The month of November is the best time to visit this place and see its approximately 100,000 sunflowers in full bloom.


Because of its picturesque environment, many photographers visit the place frequently. On weekends, local farmers open stalls to sell freshly harvested vegetables.


5. Ikoma Plateau (Miyazaki)



Do you dream of seeing a million cosmos flowers in full bloom? Then you have to head out to Ikoma Plateau, a popular travel destination especially during autumn, which is located in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture.


The park is usually open from spring to fall, so visitors get to see different kinds of flowers in their blooming season. Aside from cosmos, there are other varieties of flowers in this place as well, such as pansies, poppies, myrtles, and salvias. 


Additionally, there are cafés and eateries that are open to buy food from in case you are looking into trying out their local delicacies. But while you can dine in these shops, you may also want to consider having a picnic on the grasslands, looking at the scenery, and inhaling the sweet and aromatic scent of the flowers. What a romantic way to spend time with the people you love!


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