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Uncover the Many Facets of Japan by Living Like a Local Through These Unique Stays


Japan has a wide array of unique stays that let you live like a local. But it’s not just one type of local experience you can try. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable stay, a historical stay, or something a little bit familiar with an added thrill, there’s a unique accommodation in Japan that fits the bill. 


Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort (Okinawa)


treeful stay in japan



Nago City is home to many scenic resorts as it is located in the nature-centric Okinawa Prefecture. However, Treeful takes the nature experience to the next level by not only allowing you to temporarily live in a whimsical treehouse like a fairytale character but also ensuring that your stay will teach you to be more mindful of the environment. 


The concept for Treeful started with owner Satoru Kikugawa’s dream to build a treehouse when he was a kid. As an adult, he did various research and advanced his skills to turn that dream into a reality. He also went on a quest to find a tree strong enough to build a treehouse in Okinawa, and after a long search, he found a large akagi tree and started getting to work. After one success, he started building his treehouse resort with the help of new builders and the community surrounding the resort, with each design structure getting better and better. 


The treehouses are ‘carbon negative’ which means they absorb more carbon dioxide than they produce. They also use solar energy panels, not fossil fuels to generate electricity. Their solar energy panels generate more electricity than what they use. Water is sourced and recycled for use sustainably. The facility also has a compost toilet which uses waste to help grow the surrounding greens. 



Address: 2578 Genka, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture 905-1141, Japan
Website: https://treeful.net/
Access: 2 hours by car from Naha Station 


Kurabito Stay (Nagano)


kurabito stay japan



Japan is known for sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. If you’ve ever been fascinated by what it’s like to be a sake brewer, then you’re in luck! Kurabito Stay allows you to try and live the life of one in their unique accommodation. 


Located in Saku City, a place with over 300 years of sake brewing history, this stay allows visitors to enjoy activities related to traditional sake brewing and learn more about the beverage’s history. Guests can stay overnight in a refurbished facility that used to be a huge chamber where brewers from yesteryears rested and stayed in between shifts. 


It also offers various durations (from overnight to 2 nights of stay), which allow visitors to live the life of an actual sake brewer by undergoing activities like an orientation, taking a tour at the brewery, experiencing sake brewing, and, of course, taking a break, and dining with your fellow of sake brewers. Here’s to your ‘new’ career in the sake making!


Kurabito Stay

Address: 623-2 Usuda, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 384-0301, Japan
Website: https://kurabitostay.com


Option 1: From Sakudaira Station take a taxi (20-25 minutes)
Option 2: From Sakudaira Station take a local train to Usuda station and walk (20 minites) from there to Kitsukura Shuzo and Kurabito Stay.


Hakujukan Zen Hotel (Fukui)


hakujukan zen hotel


You don’t need to be a Buddhist to appreciate the zen lifestyle — simple, comfortable, and relaxed. With Hakujukan Zen Hotel’s soothing atmosphere, you can experience this and more. 


The hotel is located just steps away from the Eiheiji Temple, which is the head Soto Zen Buddhist Temple in Japan. The temple lets guests experience Zazen (a form of seated meditation), a daily practice that helps you understand the true meaning of zen and how to achieve it. Morning classes where you can also witness ascetic monks reading through sutras are also available.  


Aside from the picturesque view of nature surrounding the inn and the experiences in the temple, guests can also partake in authentic Buddhist vegan cuisine to take their zen to the next level. The place also offers open-air baths and showers. 


Hakujukan Zen Hotel

Address: Shihi 6-1 Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida District, Fukui Prefecture 910-1228, Japan
Website: https://www.hakujukan-eiheiji.jp/en
Access: From Fukui Station, take Eiheiji Liner Bus for 30 minutes, and get off Eiheiji bus stop. Alternatively, use the Chubu-Jukan-motorway. 10 minutes by car from Eiheiji-sando Interchange.


National Tangible Cultural Property ​​Iizukatei Hotel (Tochigi)


iizukatei hotel


History and culture buffs may enjoy a stay at ​​Iizukatei Hotel, a National Tangible Cultural Property in Tochigi Prefecture. It was formerly the home of the local village head, the Iizuka family, from the Edo Period through the Showa Period. The architecture of the entire place is simple, but the scale of the main and new residence, as well as the library and the earthen storehouse, make the place quite grand. It signifies status, craftsmanship, and history. 


At present, this 200-year-old mansion has been refurbished with cutting-edge technology and classy interior to combine the charms of Edo Period living with modern architecture. 


The hotel introduces guests to nearby restaurants or sources nearby establishments to cater food featuring locally produced ingredients prepared using traditional Japanese methods. It is also located near onsens, shrines, and temples. The whole town is also welcomingto those who come from Iizukatei’saccommodations, giving you an experience of the true form of Japan, where people communicated with each other. 


National Tangible Cultural Property ​​Iizukatei Hotel 

Address: 360 Bato, Nakagawa-machi, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 324-0613, Japan
Website: https://iizukatei.ohtawaragt.co.jp/en/
Access: 60 minutes by car from Utsunomiya Station


Miyama FUTON & Breakfast (Kyoto)


miyama futon and breakfast

©Miyama FUTON & Breakfast


If you want to experience life away from busy shopping streets, fast-paced train lines, and see more of Japan’s more slow-paced and easygoing side, this rural homestay is for you.


Located just 90 minutes away from Kyoto City, Miyama FUTON & Breakfast allows you to stay in thatched-roof cottages that feature traditional Japanese architecture mixed with modern-day convenience. The cottages are surrounded by rice paddies, mountains, and bamboo fields that will surely fill your mind, body, and soul with a much-needed connection with nature. It’s a good look into the simpler side and more domestic side of Kyoto’s history and culture, which is more known for its grand shrines and temples as Japan’s former capital. 


Traditional course meals from nearby restaurants can also be enjoyed during your stay with prior booking. Most of the ingredients used in the meals are locally sourced and produced. 


Cycling tours, traditional Japanese cooking classes, and bamboo craft workshops can also be enjoyed with advanced booking. 


Miyama FUTON & Breakfast

Address: Hanagusa-29 Miyamashima Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0751, Japan
Website: https://miyamafandb.jp/
Access: 90 minutes by car from Kyoto Station


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