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There are many amusement parks for fun-fuelled family trips in Tokyo and Kanto area!This time, we would love to introduce the popular classic “Tokyo Disney Resort”, “Fuji-Q Highland” with a nice view of Mt. Fuji, and “Moomin Valley Park” which newly opened in March 2019 in Saitama!


Tips for Family Vacations! How to Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea


Recommended attractions in Tokyo Disneyland



The first one is “Mickey's House and Meet Mickey”; it is a visit to Mickey’s home in which you can take a picture with the beloved mouse. It is indoor and thus not affected by the weather. While you are waiting for the snapshot, you will be inside the fun-filled house so children would never get bored.




The second one is “Western River Railroad”, a ride of approximately 15 minutes on a steam locomotive through the setting of West Coast of America. The waiting time is relatively short, and it is great for children who love vehicles.
The third one is “It’s a small world” - a boat trip around a fascinating and magical world with the companion of the song “It’s a small world” from children in costumes from different countries. The boat moves slowly without any sudden movements or loud noises, hence it is recommended for children. There is no height limit for this ride.



Recommended attractions in Tokyo DisneySea



The first one is “DisneySea Transit Steamer Line”, a guided ride on a steam powered boat. The movement is steady, and you can geton board with your strollers. Besides, there are three stops along the route, so it is good as an in-park transportation too.



The second one is a show called “Mermaid Lagoon Theatre”. Through cinematic effects, audiences are brought into the world of “The Little Mermaid”, especially when popular classic songs in the Disney movie are heard. You will be adventuring the sea with Princess Ariel. You can put small children on your lap to enjoy the show!



Let’s use the priority entry system “Fast Pass”!

In Tokyo Disney Resort, you may need to queue up for an hour or so for popular rides even on weekdays, not to mention the long waits during the peak seasons like in summer vacations and the end-of-year and New Year periods. Let’s make use of the priority entry system commonly known as the “Fast Pass” to save time and efficiently maximize your enjoyment!
The first thing you need to do after getting into the park is to head to your preferred ride and insert your ticket into the Fast Pass machine for the pass. There is a time period printed on pass, and you need to return to the Fast Pass entry in the captioned time for your entry without waiting.


  • Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu city, Chiba, Japan
  • How to get there:
  • Approximately 15 minutes by JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station to JR Maihama Station, the nearest station to the park
  • Alternatively, you can take the direct buses and highway buses from spots like Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, etc.
  • Opening hours: Differ in different days, please check the official website


Good Services to Know


There are a lot of children and family-friendly services, such as rental strollers (chargeable), restrooms with diapers changing beds, and stickers where you can write down your contact details on for pasting on your children’s clothes. In the event that your children get lost, you can be contacted based on the contact details.


A Wide Range of Attractions from Thrilling ones to Thomas the Tank Engine!
The Free Admission Fuji-Q Highland!



Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located in Susono of Fuji area, featuring the four extremely thrilling roller coasters - “FUJIYAMA”, “DODODONPA”, “Eejanaika”, and “Takabisha”. These are definitely only suitable for thrill-seekers.




For children who are not into this kind of adrenaline-rushing excitement, For children who are not into this kind of screaming excitement, can try out the Ferris wheel.
It would definitely delight your experience. In addition, there is an outdoor area called “Thomas Land”, which is the only place in Japan that is themed Thomas the Tank Engine. A lot of rides inside the area are without height limits, so it is highly recommended for families with young children! Try most popular one is the locomotive ride “Thomas and Percy's Fun Ride”. that you can travel Sodo island by a train.Moreover, the area “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa” resembles the sceneries in French famous pictures books, which is a must-see for girls!


©2019 Gullane (thomas) Limited.



©岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ


Furthermore, “NARUTO & BORUTO FUJI Hidden Leaf Village”, the themed area for the ninja animations“NARUTO” and “BORUTO NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” has just opened on 26th July 2019!



There are a lot to enjoy, such as an indoor 3D shooting attractions, a museum to indulge in the worldview of “Naruto: Shippuden”, and a restaurant resembling “Ichiraku”, the ramen shop the protagonist Naruto always has his ramen at. Although attractions are chargeable, admission has become free since 2018 summer, so what about having a great day here?


  • Fuji-Q Highland
  • Address: 5-6-1, Shin-nishihara, Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi, Japan
  • How to get there:
  • [Railways] From Shinjuku station, take JR Chuo line for around 60 minutes and get off at Otsuki station, change to Fuji Express Lime and stay on board for another 50 minutes and get off at Fuji-Q Highland.
  • [Bus] Board the Fuji-Q or Keio Highway Bus at Shinjuku Station. Journey is approximately 1 hr and 40 minutes
  • [Car] Via Chuo Expressway Otsuki JCT to Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) IC, the park is right there.
  • Opening hours: Differ between areas and on different days, please check the official website


Newly opened in March 2019! Indulgence in the world of Moomin while immersing in great nature! MOOMINVALLEY PARK!


© Moomin Characters™


Moomin Valley Park, an amusement park filled with Moomin characters opened at Hanno city insouth-west Saitama. A close experience in the world of Moomin through four areas- POUKAMA, MUUMILAAKSO, KOKEMUS, and YKSINÄISET VUORET.



MUUMILAAKSO is the central area with many fun-filled spots where you and your children can enjoy yourselves with Moomin characters surrounding you. You can head to “Emma Teatteri”, which is a theatre displaying the live showof Moomin and his friends. At “Muumitalo”, which is the symbol of the park, you can experience the ideal house designed and built by Moomin’s father!(※This attraction is a guided tour)You can also make you way to YKSINÄISET VUORET comprising an adventure playground and a tree house made for children to play around while being in nature!



  • Address: Metsä, 327-6, Miyazawa, Hanno city, Saitama, Japan
  • How to get there:
  • [Railways & Bus] At Ikebukuro Station, take the Seibu Ikebukuro line,approximately 50 minutes later (40 minutes on Red Arrow Limited Express) get off at Hanno Station. Head to bus stop no. 1 at the north exit and take the direct bus to “Metsä”, get off at “Metsä” stop
  • Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • * Opening at 9:00 a.m. until 1st September 2019
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