Lake Usui 碓氷湖

Lake Usui
Lake Usui

A lake of vivid colors

Located in Annaka City in western Gunma, this man-made lake is easily recognized by its idyllic red iron bridge that emerges from the dense green forest to cross the edge of the lake. To truly savor the atmosphere, you can take a 20-minute stroll along the walking path that circles the entire lake. If you visit in the fall, make sure to have your camera ready, as the red and gold leaves are simply stunning.

Quick Facts

The 17th-century brick Usui 3rd Bridge is just 10 minutes away

The old Nakasendo Highway from Kyoto to Tokyo passes close to the lake

How to Get There

Public transportation is limited in this area, so the best way to visit Lake Usui is by car. Follow the Nakasendo Highway towards Karuizawa . The lake is in front of the Usui 3rd Bridge .

On foot, you can also follow the Apt Road, a 13-kilometer walking trail along disused railway lines from Yokokawa to Kumanodaira stations. It takes about 30 minutes from Takasaki Station to Yokokawa Station on the Shinetsu Main Line.

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