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Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park 羊山公園

Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park
Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park

Pink moss and rainbow-colored natural beauty

Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park is famous for its shibazakura, also known as moss pink or phlox subulata. During the season when the shibazakura are in bloom, the park's hill is bathed in color, painting a gorgeous and colorful scene with Mt. Buko towering in the background.

How to Get There

From Ikebukuro, the Seibu Limited Express Laview train goes direct to Seibu-Chichibu station and takes around one hour and a half. The park is a 20-minute walk from the station.

Quick Facts

In season, there are more than 400,000 moss phlox flowers

The park also has plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and tulips


The season to see the shibazakura is in late spring, from the time of the end of cherry blossoms through Golden Week. They typically bloom from late mid-April to early May. Although you can find shibazakura all over Japan, there are few places where you can find as many in one place.

When the shibazakura flowers are in bloom, the park's entire hill is covered with a carpet of pink, violet, and white. Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park has ten varieties of shibazakura. Its more than 400,000 flowers cover an area of 18,000 square meters. The flowers are planted strategically to create colorful patterns and on a sunny day, the reflection is so bright it almost hurts your eyes.

Other activities

The park also has plums, cherry blossoms, and tulips. There are hiking trails throughout the park. It also has other features like a sheep ranch and obesrvation areas. During the shibazakura season, enjoy the vendors selling festival snacks and souvenirs.

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Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park
Chichibu Hitsujiyama Park
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