Shima 四万

takasaki & beyond ikaho haruna shima tomioka
takasaki & beyond ikaho haruna shima tomioka

A blue you have never seen before

The Shima area of northwestern Gunma is most famous for its local hot springs, long a destination to cure various illnesses. Boasting a beautiful lake and forests, Shima offers a number of other activities as well.

In 1954, Shima Onsen was chosen as Japan's first Nationally Certified Onsen, an area recognized as having hot spring waters with wholesome environments and potential health benefits.

Quick Facts

The Shima River valley is broken up into three areas: upper, central and lower town

The main onsen area is found in the central area, such as the centuries-old Sekizenkan Ryokan

Lake Okushima is located in the upper town area

How to Get There

Shima is accessible by train and bus.

Take the JR Joetsu or Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Takasaki (50 minutes). At Takasaki Station, change to the JR Agatsuma Line to Nakanojo Station (55 minutes). From Nakanojo, take a 40-minute bus to Shima Onsen.

A place nature lovers seek

Although its onsen waters are fairly well known, the Shima area has fortunately avoided over-development and overcrowding. As a result, the scenery of Lake Okushima and Maya-no-taki Falls has remained a favorite of nature lovers.

Activities at Lake Okushima

The brilliant cobalt color of Lake Okushima is sure to leave a lasting impression. Join a canoe tour to fully appreciate the intensely blue water. Likewise, there are other water-based activities such as canyoning to enjoy in the lake and rivers.


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