Teiko Shiotani Memorial Photo Gallery 塩谷定好写真記念館

A charming museum dedicated to an inspirational photographer

Teiko Shiotani (1899-1988) was a pioneering photographer that spent decades capturing hauntingly beautiful images of the landscapes and people of the Sanin region.

Quick Facts

Housed in Shiotani's place of birth

The coffee shop is a converted warehouse

How to Get There

The museum is accessible by train followed by bus.

The Teiko Shiotani Memorial Photo Gallery is two kilometers from Akasaki Station on the JR Sanin Main Line.

It is a 20-minute walk from Akasaki Station. You can take a bus from Akasaki Station and get off at Kojincho Station.


Shiotani's work in the 1920's was very well received across the nation and his success inspired a generation of brilliant photographers in his home area, including Shoji Ueda. Ueda, also a Tottori native, was a major figure in 20th-century Japan and has a museum dedicated to him in nearby Houki Town. Ueda once wrote that Shiotani was a “god-like figure” to him. High praise indeed.

The small museum is also Shiotani's place of birth and is run by the photographer's grandson and his wife. Three rooms in this charming and richly appointed old house display Shiotani's work, and others are used as a gallery. Visitors can also enjoy a coffee in the museum's delightful retro café inside a restored kura storehouse.

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