Golden cliffs made famous by novelist Yukio Mishima

This dramatic and photogenic stretch of the Izu Peninsula draws hikers, photographers, and romance-seeking couples.

How to Get There

Cape Kogane is easy to reach by bus.

The bus leaves from Shuzenji Station, a stop on the Izu Hakone Sunzu line. This connects to Mishima Station on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen. Get off at Koganezaki Crystal Park Station.

Quick Facts

Formed by volcanic activity, Koganezaki (or Cape Kogane) translates as the golden cape

Yukio Mishima set his novel "Beastly Entanglements" here

The golden cape

Izu is full of gorgeous views and rugged scenery, and during the day Cape Kogane is no different: reefs and islands coloring the ocean, jutting rocks and windswept pine trees. But at sunset Cape Kogane steals the show. When the setting sun dips low, and its rays turn red, the volcanic cliffs turn a vivid gold.

Literary gold

In Yukio Mishima's novel "Beastly Entanglements," he poetically describes the breathtaking quality of the view, indelibly marking the scene into Japanese literature. As he did with other locations around Japan, such as Kamishima in Ise Bay, Mishima's spell has turned Cape Kogane into a romantic spot for couples and literary pilgrims alike.

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