Take in works by Barbizon School artists, European landscape painters, and local masters

The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art opened in 1978 and has continued to expand its collection, which now includes European landscape artists, paintings from the Barbizon School, and works from respected Japanese artists.

Quick Facts

The museum holds more than 10,000 works of art

Many of the works displayed were donated to the museum

How to Get There

Kofu Station is the closest access point to the museum.

The museum is a 15-minute bus ride away, or 10 minutes by taxi (which will cost around 1700 yen). By car, it is a few minutes' drive from the Kofu-Showa Interchange.

Hideo Hagiwara

The museum has a memorial gallery dedicated to the works of the late, great Japanese artist Hideo Hagiwara.

Hideo Hagiwara was known as an innovator, pushing the boundaries of his art form. He moved into abstract and figurative prints, and his work evolved over the decades. He is one of the most respected of the Sosaku Hanga school of artists.

Other facilities

The Millet Wing celebrates the work of Jean-François Millet and his contemporaries. The museum has three community galleries with constantly rotating collections on display. There is also an art library, a workshop room, and a lecture room, all of which host events year-round.

The shop sells prints of some of the museum's most famous works, in addition to souvenirs, snacks and T-shirts. There is also a great restaurant that overlooks the pristinely kept gardens that surround the museum.

Built for all to enjoy

The museum strives to be as accessible as possible, so that families with young children and people with physical disabilities can still enjoy the exhibitions on display. It is fully wheelchair accessible and there are several wheelchairs available to borrow at no additional charge.

There are also free strollers, a changing bed, and a nursing room for children. An information desk provides guidance on such services, and even offers free baggage and coat check.

Museum Passport

Yamanashi Prefecture is rich with museums, and the prefecture provides an annual passport called the “Museum Kai-in Passport,” which grants access to the Prefectural Museum of Literature, Archaeology, and the Prefectural Museum.

There are 42 additional museums included in the passport scheme, so it is a great deal for culture lovers.

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