Nature at its finest

Saga Prefecture is renowned for its waterfalls, and the Mikaeri Falls, located near Karatsu , are no exception. Over 100 meters in height, the cascading waters are considered some of Japan's best. For more breathtaking nature, visit during June, when the trails to the falls are lined with violet hydrangeas in full bloom.

How to Get There

Reach the falls by train and walking, or by car.

The nearest major transport hub to Maekari Falls is Saga Station. If traveling from Hakata Station to Saga, take the JR Kamome train to Saga Station.

From Saga Station, take the JR Karatsu Line to Ochi Station. This ride takes approximately around 47 minutes. From Ochi Station, you'll need to walk about 20 minutes to the site. The route to the falls is well marked.

If driving, there are two parking lots to choose from. One is closer to the falls and is less of a hike. The other carpark is marked with signs as the fall's official parking lot, but is a little further away from the cascade. From there, it's a about a 25-minute, albeit scenic, hike to Mikaeri Falls.

Flowing waters and purple rain

While beautiful in all seasons, the area leading to Makaeri Falls is particularly scenic in June, when hundreds of hydrangeas burst into bloom. Heralding the arrival of rainy season, violet flowers line the waterfall trail, and the Hydrangea Festival draws thousands each year.

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