Meander around a garden of elegant simplicity

Tenshaen Garden was once a place of reflection for Uwajima City's lords and nobility. Marvel at its tranquility as you roam the serene grounds.

Don't Miss

  • Soak up the calm Zen atmosphere
  • Visit the beautiful calligraphy and tea pavilions
  • Spot unique ornamental stones

How to Get There

The garden is easy to reach as part of a day trip to Uwajima from Matsuyama .

Take the JR Uwakai Limited Express from JR Matsuyama to JR Uwajima Station. The journey takes an hour and 20 minutes. It's a further 20-minute walk from Uwajima Station to the garden. You can also get a bus from the station to Tenshaen-mae bus stop. The garden is a short walk from there.

Peace and quiet

The focus of the garden's design is a large pond shaped like the kanji character for "heart." Many paths surround it. You can enjoy all of the garden's sophisticated beauty as you stroll its winding walkways.

Bountiful blooms

The most striking feature of the garden is the bridge of wisteria that transforms into a cascade of flowers during April. May sees roughly 2,000 irises flourish on the grounds in a riot of color.

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