A rare and grand example of Buddhist architecture

Built in the eighth century, Fukiji Temple is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu and a stunning National Treasure. Situated deep within the grounds of a mossy, woodland forest, the temple is particularly striking in winter, when it is covered in snow.

How to Get There

Fukiji Temple is best accessed by train and taxi, or by car. The nearest hub to the temple is Bungotakada City.

Bungotakada City can be reached via Usa Station, which is served by the JR Nippo Main Line, connecting Usa and Hakata . The temple is a 35-minute drive from Bungotakada City and a 25-minute drive from Kitsuki City.

Quick Facts

Fukiji Temple's Amidado hall is one of the three most important in Japan

The wooden, seated Amida Nyorai Buddha image is a designated Important Cultural Property

Visitors can participate in a one-hour mini Zen meditation practice

Rich and fascinating history

Built in the year 718, the temple is Kyushu's oldest wooden building. Legend says that the temple was made from one single kaya (Japanese Torreya) tree.

Meditation time

With its woodland backdrop, the temple is a relaxing spot. Try the Zazen seated meditation, which is practiced to gain insight into the nature of one's existence.

Explore other nearby attractions

Visit the Oita Prefectural Museum of History, a showcase of Oita's history, culture, and main attractions. The museum's highlights include a life-size reconstruction of Fukiji Temple's main hall, which shows the vibrancy of its now-faded color when it was first erected.

Other exhibits include those related to life and ancient Buddhism in the Kunisaki Peninsula .

الكلمات المفتاحية

قريب من معبد فوكيجي

Fuki-ji Temple التاريخ
معبد فوكيجي Bungotakada-shi, Oita-ken
Kumano-magai-butsu جاذبية
تمثال بوذا الحجري بكومانو ماجيبوتسو Bungotakada-shi, Oita-ken
Showa no Machi in Bungo Takada جاذبية
منطقة التسوّق شوا نو ماتشي بمدينة بونغو تاكادا Bungotakada-shi, Oita-ken
Usa Shrine التاريخ
ضريح أوسا-جينغو Usa-shi, Oita-ken
Kitsuki Castle التاريخ
قلعة كيتسوكي Kitsuki-shi, Oita-ken
Oita Prefectural Museum of History التاريخ
متحف مقاطعة أويتا التاريخي Usa-shi, Oita-ken