A temple founded by Kukai, famed for its rhododendrons and for ensuring safe births

Koyaji Temple in Takeo belongs to the Shingon sect of Buddhism. Established by Kukai, it is known as a temple for safe birth and fertility. It also has "Hachitai Jizo," eight Jizo statues clustered together that reportedly can free people of illness, misfortune, and various unwanted ties.

In addition to the nice balance of beautiful temple architecture and Buddhist statuary, the temple has wonderful greenery.

How to Get There

You can get to the temple by train and then on foot or by taxi.

From Takeo-Onsen Station, take the JR Sasebo Line to Kitagata Station, which takes around seven minutes. From there, head west on foot for about 21 minutes. A faster alternative would be by taxi, which takes only around eight minutes.

Centuries-old rhododendrons

This temple is famous for its shakunage (rhododendron) flowers, especially a 300-year-old shakunage bush. Every April, the temple holds its Shakunage Festival to celebrate these flowers.

الكلمات المفتاحية

قريب من معبد كويا-جي

Koyaji Temple التاريخ
معبد كويا-جي Takeo-shi, Saga-ken
Taku Seibyo التاريخ
معبد الكونفوشيوسية تاكو سيبيو Taku-shi, Saga-ken
Takeo Onsen الاستجمام
منتجع تاكيو أونسن Takeo-shi, Saga-ken
Saga Prefectural Space and Science Museum جاذبية
متحف مقاطعة ساغا للفضاء والعلوم Takeo-shi, Saga-ken
Takeo city جاذبية
مدينة تاكيو Takeo-shi, Saga-ken
Giant camphor tree of Takeo التاريخ
شجرة الكافور العملاقة في ضريح تاكيو Takeo-shi, Saga-ken