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ITINERARIES Cultural Experiences in Tokyo Learn about the cultural diversity of Japan by getting hands-on and picking up a few new skills

Sightseeing is a fantastic way to explore, but for a deeper level of appreciation of the food, art and culture of Japan, take a class and try a hands-on experience.

Make your own sushi lunch, and then discover the ancient art of furin making. Master the techniques of origami before cultivating your own bonsai tree, or try your hand at calligraphy, all without leaving the central Tokyo.


    Make delicious Edo-style nigiri-sushi
    Master glass-blowing techniques at a traditional furin workshop
    Perfect your painting strokes in a calligraphy class

How to Get There

From Tokyo Station: 15 minutes

Take the JR Yamanote Line to Okachimachi Station (5 minutes). Walk 10 minutes to Shinohara Maruyoshi Furin.

Start Your Journey
Sushi-making Parties Pick up skills and impress friends back home

Almost as fun to make as it is delicious, mastering the art of crafting perfect classic-style sushi is a skill worth picking up while in Japan. At the Institute for True Japan Tours in Minato, guests are taught the ins and outs of making the perfect piece, from Edo styled nigiri-sushi, to modern sushi rolls. This class is suitable for all ages and beginners are welcome.

35 minutes

Walk to Kamiyacho Station and take Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Naka Okachimachi Station

Furin Crafting Create a glass chime from scratch or a perfectly-painted piece

Typically spotted throughout the country in the warm summer months, furin are small bulb-shaped glass wind chimes. At Shinohara Maruyoshi Furin guests can craft their own unique charm. You can learn how to shape your own glass, or simply paint a pre-made piece.

18 minutes

Take Toei Oedo Line at Naka Okachimachi to Hongo-sanchome Station

The Art of Origami Master one of the country's most famous art forms

One of Japan's most iconic crafts, origami is so simple, yet offers endless opportunities for creative exploration. The best way to learn the history and skills of this ancient art is to sign up for a class at Origami Kaikan . Origami Kaikan offers a wide variety of classes on an irregular basis, so it's best to check the schedule online before applying. Classes are open to students of all origami levels.

53 minutes

Take JR Sobu Line to Koiwa Station and change to Keisei Bus to Keiyo Guchi Bus Stop

Bonsai Experience Sculpt your own tiny tree

The art of using traditional cultivation techniques to sculpt a bonsai tree that perfectly mimics the shape of a full-size tree, bonsai is a Japanese art built on patience and the appreciation of nature. To learn more about how to grow your own bonsai, sign up for a class at Shunkaen Bonsai Museum .

53 minutes

Take Keisei Bus at Keiyo Guchi Bus Stop to Koiwa Station and change to JR Sobu Line to Ochanomizu Station

Calligraphy Classes Perfect your brushstrokes

Also shown as "shuji," Japanese calligraphy is a form of artistic writing adopted and reinterpreted from ancient Chinese culture, however over time Japanese calligraphy transformed into its own unique art form. You can learn all about the history and even create your own pieces here at Udoyoshi Calligraphy .

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