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Hit 3 Top Tourist Spots with the JR Kyushu Rail Pass

The JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All Kyushu)  is a rail pass that offers foreign visitors to Japan unlimited travel on JR trains for their choice of three, five, or seven consecutive days. Add Kyushu into your travel bucket list now and utilize this rail pass to visit our recommended sightseeing spots.  
Daikanbo is located in Kumamoto Prefecture. It means “large observatory,” an appropriate name for a 936-meter peak that affords panoramic views of the five central peaks of Mt. Aso and Oita’s Kuju Mountain range. Recognized as the highest peak of Mt. Aso’s northern outer rim, Daikanbo is also where visitors can take in sweeping views of the towns and fields of Aso Valley below. 


At 936 meters, Daikanbo affords panoramic views of the five central peaks of Mt. Aso and Oita’s Kuju Mountain range, as well as the towns and fields of Aso Valley below.


Lake Kinrin is situated at Yufuin in Oita Prefecture. Its name translates to "Golden Fish Scale,” a reference to the lake’s fish, whose scales glisten like gold in sunset. At the bottom of Lake Kinrin, you’ll not only find a regular spring but a hot spring that feeds water into the lake! Red and yellow leaves surround Lake Kinrin in autumn, while a morning mist hovers gently over the lake in cool fall and winter mornings.


From lush landscapes to blue waters and clear skies, Kyushu absolutely teems with natural wonders.


Ibusuki Onsen at Kagoshima Prefecture offers a most unique spa experience for its pairing of steamy sand baths on the beach and conventional open-air hot springs. When you’re in the area, try Sunamushi and have yourself buried from the neck down in sand naturally heated by volcanic steam. This style of bathing has been practiced for over 300 years ago.


The Sunamushi sand bath is relaxing and detoxifying.


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