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Get Japanese souvenirs at great prices! Limited items too!? Popular confectionery outlets


If you visit Japan, finding souvenirs is a must. If you to get a lot of souvenirs for yourself, your friends, your family, your workplace, etc., we recommend confectionery that doesn’t cost a lot and easy to take home. There are many types of confectionery such as chocolates, rice crackers, and cookies, as well as new products, matcha and other Japanese cuisine-related products from famous makers, and seasonal flavours appearing such as strawberries and chestnuts, and these will make a good souvenir. In famous tourist destinations such as Asakusa, there are packaged products and limited flavours that can only be found in Japan. In this article, we will introduce 3 shops, including a shop where popular confectionery can be bought at bargain prices and a store specializing in famous chocolate sweets and you can even buy limited-edition products! There are many more gift shops and souvenir shops in Japan than those we've introduced here, so do have a check before you visit Japan!
(Don’t forget to check out the tax-exemption system of each store too if you are planning to buy tons!!)


(1)Niki no Kashi
(2)Shop Tirol Chocolate
(3)Okashi No Machioka


(1)Over 5,000 types of confectionery?! Niki no Kashi

"Niki no Kashi" is a confectionery specialty store that always has over 5,000 kinds of sweets. They also have confectionery from outside Japan. As well as at AmeYoko, there are branches in Tokyo Skytree Town’s "Solamachi", which is a recommended spot for getting souvenirs while sightseeing. Recently, it seems that low priced confectionery from famous Japanese makers, furikake and confectionery with retro packages are becoming popular in stores.
Also, recently, it seems that more and more people are buying products in bulk for themselves to eat and enjoy, rather than buying them as gifts.

※Image of the popular sweets


(2)Tirol Choco- great souvenir, great price!
Shop Tirol Chocolate

Bite-sized chocolate candy "Tirol Choco" has become a long-selling product in Japan. Tirol Choco has a variety of flavours and can be easily purchased at convenience stores, making it a popular souvenir when visiting Japan.
At the shops that specialize in Tirol Chocolate, " Shop Tirol Chocolate ", you can find a lot of local Tirol Choco flavours such as ones that are limited to regions such as Tohoku and Kyushu, and specialty-store-exclusive products. The shops with outlet prices are particularly recommended. They sell products that are closer to the expiration date and products that are slightly misshapen at special prices. A product that’s particularly popular with foreign tourists is the Milk Nougat Pack (a renewal of the original Tirol Choco "Milk Nougat" that was established in 1962). People are free to take pictures inside the store, and the colourful and bright interior has a fun atmosphere, so enjoy photo-taking here too! Along with the specialty-store-exclusive items, it will make a good memory of your time in Japan!



(3)Find the trending candy! Over 1000 kinds at "Okashi No Machioka"!

“Machioka" has over 160 branches mainly around central Tokyo in areas such as Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. You can find Japanese confectionery such as confectionery that’s nostalgic for Japanese people, chocolates, potato chips, candy, and gum! There are more than 1000 kinds of confectionery. Also, they have a lineup of popular products shown on TV and social media at reasonable prices. In particular, products that are popular with foreign tourists in Japan these days are matcha-flavoured baked goods and large bags of confectionery that can be distributed. Some products are sold exclusively in Okashi no Machioka, so be sure to check them out! In addition, there are branches in the Kanto area outside Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo, Aichi, etc., so it is convenient if you want to buy souvenirs in bulk at a low price when travelling around the region.


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