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Japan Fruits picking and enjoy them on the spot! Easy accessible fruit picking farms within 2 hours from Tokyo

High quality Japanese fruit to be eaten at its freshest. In autumn, grapes, pears are in season and strawberries come into season in December (the season when lots of fruits and vegetables are on the market and taste the best). "Fruit picking" experiences where you can harvest seasonal fruits with your own hands and eat them on the spot is a popular during this time of year! This time, we introduce fruit picking spots that are easily accessible from Tokyo and that foreign tourists can also participate in. There are many other fruit-picking spots in Japan besides those mentioned in this article. It is sure to make a good memory for families, friends and couples.
※All information and prices listed are accurate as of September 2020.
※In Japan, elementary school students are approximately 6-12 years old, junior high school students are 12-15 years old, high school students are 15-18 years old, and university students are 18-22 years old, with regard to the grades listed on the price list.

(2)Orihara Orchard
(3)3Points for a successful harvest

(1)Experience Strawberry Picking All Year-Round 

Do you know that you can pick strawberries at Tokyo Strawberry Park all year round? The surrounding temperature is completely controlled in an all-electric house, and seasonal strawberries can be harvested year-round. The "normal course" allows you to pick strawberries and put them in a 300g cup and take them home. There’s a "Premium course" with souvenirs included. There are three other experience courses such as the "Baby Strawberry Skewer Course" where you are challenged to skewer as many strawberries as you can in 1 skewer. You can also buy a variety of desserts, such as ice cream topped with strawberries and frozen strawberries with chocolate and condensed milk. 
From JR Tsurumi Station, which takes about 50 minutes to reach from Shinjuku Station, you can take the Yokohama Municipal Bus(No.181) for approximately 15 minutes to reach the park, so you can take a day trip. You can even drop by while strolling around Yokohama!


Address:11-1 Daikokucho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa.
Opening hours: 13:00~17:00
※Closed every Wednesday
Strawberry picking fee: 
【Premium course 40 minutes】(weekday) 3,150yen (weekend) 3,300yen
【Normal course 20 minutes】(weekday) 1,760yen (weekend) 1,610yen
【Baby strawberry skewer course 20 minutes】(weekday) 730yen (weekend) 880yen
※Entrance fee is free.


(2) Seasonal Fruit and Strawberry Picking
Orihara Orchard

There is a tourist farm in Kasukabe, Saitama, which can be reached within 1 hour by car from Tokyo or 1 hour 30 minutes by train – Orihara Orchard. They have introduced the latest equipment and adjusted the water, fertilizer, CO2, etc., and are thoroughly controlling the cultivation round the clock. Orihara Orchard sells fresh pears, shine muscat, kiwi and persimmon, and you can even try strawberry picking from December - May. Processed products like juice and jam made from the fruits freshly from the farm are also recommended as souvenirs! Around 10 varieties of pears are cultivated in the middle of October including the Kosui Asian Pear, and different seasonal fruits, such as kiwi, grapes, persimmons, strawberries, and blueberries, can be enjoyed at various time of the year, making this place an all year-round experience!
This farm is about a 20-minute drive from Kasukabe Station on the Tobu Skytree Line, so why not visit it when you're touring around the Kanto region?


Orihara Orchard 
Address:3888 Maki, Kasukabe, Saitama
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
※Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (closed day may change depending on the month. Check the official website)
Please refer to the official website as holidays are subject to change depending on the month.
Fruit picking fee: 
【Junior high school student and above】2,200yen 
【65 years and above】2000yen
【Elementary school student】2,000 yen
【3 years old - pre-school child】1,100 yen
【2 years and under】free


(3)3 Points for a successful harvest


1) Check the season in advance! 

In Japan, there are seasonal fruits in each season, and most of the farms are only open for fruit picking during the particular seasons. Also, as the exact harvest season changes depending on the climate of the year, make sure to confirm in advance what kind of fruit can be picked when you come and make a reservation! If you are coming to Japan specifically for picking fruit, we recommend coming in "autumn" when lots of fruit such as grapes, apples, pears, and persimmons are in season!


2) Confirm packages, fees, conditions and access in advance.

There are various types of fruit picking plans depending on the farm, such as all-you-can-eat plan and a purchase-based plan where you pay for what you eat and what you take home. If you want to go for the all-you-can-eat, make sure to check in advance to see whether there is a time limit or whether an entrance fee is required!Please also check the access from the nearest station


3) Check your clothes and belongings! Mind your manners on the farm.

We recommend wearing sneakers and long-sleeved shirts and trousers, even in the summer, to protect yourself against insects and the sun. It is also convenient to have insect repellent spray, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a towel. At picking time, be careful not to touch the fruit unnecessarily or damage other fruits or the neighbouring fruits.


Click here for more information on the facilities mentioned in this article.




Orihara Orchard (Japanese only)

Japan Fruits Calendar (Japanese only)

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