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Kumamoto Calls with Its Quality Wagyu, Milk, and Honey



Online suggestions of Kumamoto usually focus on two things: Mt. Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan, and the famed Kurokawa Onsen. Dig a little deeper into this part of the Aso District, however, and you’ll find a slew of other traditional onsen ryokan (hot-spring resort) and the most amazing food. 


Wagyu is a local delicacy in Kumamoto.


With herds of specially raised cattle in the surrounding countryside, it’s no surprise that local beef is a popular delicacy in Kumamoto. Just 10 minutes’ drive away from Kurokawa Onsen is Yakiniku Sansenan, a top-rated restaurant that uses local premium wagyu. You can choose to have your yakiniku on the smokeless grill or the shichirin charcoal grill. Nestled in greenery, it’s the perfect dining spot for families with young children.


A must-try―soft serve with local Sugi Bee honey.


For something sweet, you have two options. First, there’s Yama no Ibuki. One of Kumamoto’s famed local brands, it sells milk and other dairy products.  


Kumamoto’s other popular local brand is Sugi Bee Honey, a source of top-quality honey products. While shopping for this exquisite honey to take home as a souvenir, enjoy a creamy order of Honey Soft Serve.


A nearby place of interest is Nabegataki Falls. Just 25 minutes’ drive away from Kurokawa Onsen, this stunning waterfall has a walkway behind its curtain of water. Insider tip: Be sure to bring protective bags for your gadgets and wear flat, waterproof boots. 
Should you decide to stay overnight, there’s Oyado Hanabou, a charming onsen ryokan that offers an entirely private setting for each room. Each villa is equipped with its own partial rotenburo (open-air bath) that is supplied with hot spring water, offering a more relaxing and exclusive environment compared to other ryokan in the area. 


Oyado Hanabou is a charming onsen ryokan with a private setting for each room.



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