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Seeing Red: Bengara Rules in Fukiya Furusato Village


As you make your way through the main street of Fukiya Furusato Village, the first thing you’ll notice are its traditional buildings painted with a vivid red shade. 


Once a major mining town during the Edo to Meiji periods, this historical town is the birthplace of bengara, a rare red pigment made from oxidized iron. 


Bengara was used to stain the building facades in Fukiya Furusato Village, giving them an iconic (and Insta-worthy!) look. Of the many lovely buildings here, my favorite photo spot has got to be the post office, which is still active. 


The traditional houses of Fukiya Furusato Village are instantly recognizable by their red-stained facades.


In addition to sightseeing, you can take part in various crafting workshops. The last time I came, I learned how to decorate a cotton tote bag using bengara paint―so fun and satisfying!


Alternatively, sign up for the pottery workshop at the Bengara Ceramics Museum and bring home your very own handmade one-of-a-kind bengara pottery.


Take part in one of the many crafting workshops available in Fukiya Furusato Village.


Don’t forget to explore the many souvenir shops that sell bengara-dyed textiles and unique earthenware. Fukiya Furusato Village is a really good place to shop for souvenirs―many of them cannot be found elsewhere in Japan! 



Every corner in Fukiya Furusato Village is an Insta-worthy spot.



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